Apr 21

Final Conflict - Constant Fear

Apr 19
a lot of people have trouble masterburating.

a lot of people have trouble masterburating.

Apr 15

Youth Of Today with GG Allin.


Youth Of Today with GG Allin.

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Apr 14
“While the Internet may create space for many voices, it also reflects and often amplifies real-world inequities in striking ways. … Women who are increasingly speaking out against harassers are frequently accused of wanting to stifle free speech. Or they are told to “lighten up” and that the harassment, however stressful and upsetting, isn’t real because it’s only happening online, that it’s just “harmless locker-room talk.”… Indeed, a University of Maryland study strongly suggests just how programmatic such abuse is. Those posting with female usernames, researchers were shocked to discover, received 25 times as many malicious messages as those whose designations were masculine or ambiguous. …” Misogyny and the Culture of the Internet

Wolf Eyes - Village Oblivia

Apr 13


DEVO - meeting with rod rooter

(devo was really important to me in my formative teenage years and as a result 
for the past 9 or so years devo has been directly and indirectly informing my aesthetics and entire worldview)

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Apr 10



How the CIA Helped Create the Crack Epidemic in the Black Community

All black people need to hear this shit.

I wish someone would do an in-depth follow up to this story, because if you take the stuff from Web’s original article, testimony Ross has given since AND the stuff written by Michael Rupert (which includes, y’know, actual court documents and confessions by CIA officials,) it’s absolutely indisputable the role the CIA played in drug dealing, weapons smuggling all sorts of shit

Besides the condescending-white-people tone, neat.

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Apr 8

Dow Jones and the Industrials - Ain’t Good Enough

Indiana goofers live, complete with banter.

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